Until Justice Just Is

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Until the land of the free is free of racism.

Until the home of the brave is brave enough to change.

Until “by the people” and “for the people” means doing right by all the people.

Until justice just is.


Support the YWCA’s work to address the effects of systemic racism.

Help expand early childhood education, skills training, job placement, small business development programs, and more.

Take steps, small and large, to be part of the change.

Access resources to guide your racial justice journey and invite others along.

Become a corporate ally today.

Join the Racial Justice League, a group of courageous organizations committed to tangible, measurable change.

Allies will:

  • Take a pledge to advance racial justice in their companies, communities, and/or industries.
  • Make a donation to the YWCA that supports early childhood education, economic empowerment, skills training & job placement, and racial justice programs. Donate online now or contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.
  • Commit to specific, tangible actions, like rethinking value chains to benefit more people of color, reforming hiring processes, and educating employees on how to contribute to anti-racism efforts. View resources.

Ready? Contact Coda Rayo-Garza at crayo-garza@ywcasa.org