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The YWCA Wage Equity Awareness Campaign exists to bring awareness to the disparities in pay between women, especially women of color, and white-non-Hispanic males in San Antonio. Equal pay is an economic matter for all of us. Learn more about our campaign and the pledge we have created to help local businesses change the status quo to ensure women are paid equally and fairly.

The San Antonio Pay Gap by Race/Ethnicity for Women Graph

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It’s The Law

Federal Law

  • Under the Equal Pay Act, men and women must be paid equal wages if they perform substantially the same work.
  • Under the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, you have up to 180 days (300 days in some states, and cities) after the most recent paycheck that reflects unequal wages to file a charge with the EEOC.

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Texas Law

  • In Texas, the law prohibits employers, employment agencies and labor unions from denying equal employment opportunities in hiring, promotion, discharge, PAY, fringe benefits, membership, training, and other aspects of employment.
  • The Texas Workforce Commission provides information about employment discrimination and more.
  • Texas still has work to do.

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The Future of Equal Pay in Texas…

To secure equal pay for women, Texas lawmakers must:

  • Ensure all private employees are covered under the Texas Equal Pay Act.
  • Prohibit using salary history in hiring.
  • Prohibit reducing another employees pay to comply with the law.

For a full roadmap to pay equity in Texas, download the AAUW PDF here.

Data & Research

Click below to download our fact sheets and report.

The Facts you need to know about the Wage Gap in San Antonio
A look at educational attainment and Women's Earnings
YWCA white paper on Equal Pay in San Antonio

San Antonian Perceptions About Wage Equity
YWCA San Antonio conducted a survey to understand how the San Antonio community perceives the gender wage gap and its causes.

Our Top 5 Takeaways

1. When it comes to getting good jobs with benefits, in general, do you think…

2.Have you ever experienced pay discrimination (getting paid less than your male colleague for the same job and with the same qualifications)?

3. How much do you agree/disagree that the following reason explains why there is a gender wage gap?

Men are more assertive at negotiating their salary.

4. How much do you agree/disagree that the following reason explains why there is a gender wage gap?

There are not enough equal pay advocates in leadership roles at work.

5.How much do you agree/disagree that the following reason explains why there is a gender wage gap?

Women are not aware that they are being underpaid.

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Equal Pay
Equal Pay
Equal Pay
Equal Pay

Employer Resources

Click below to download resources

1. Equal Pay Calculator

Click the icon below to download the YWCA SA Pay Equity Calculator 2021.

YWCA SA Pay Equity Calculator 2021


Watch the step-by-step guide below.



3. Business Roadmap To Pay Equity

Join our business cohort to receive more resources and support!

The Wage Equity Business Cohort


We are proud to partner with local businesses who are helping inform our wage equity awareness campaign. This group of business pioneers is also helping inform resources and tools that will help equip local businesses and organizations to achieve an equitable workplace, where all are justly compensated for their work and skills.

Ready to take the pledge? Contact Misty Harty at mharty@ywcasa.org

Estamos orgullosos de asociarnos con empresas locales que están ayudando a informar acerca de nuestra campaña de concientización sobre la equidad salarial. Este grupo de pioneros comerciales también está ayudando a informar sobre recursos y herramientas que ayudarán a equipar a las empresas y organizaciones locales para lograr un lugar de trabajo equitativo, donde todos sean compensados justamente por su trabajo y habilidades.

¿Listo para hacer la promesa? Póngase en contacto con Misty Harty en mharty@ywcasa.org

More Information
Pledge Infographic

Join a group of business leaders helping define equitable business practices for San Antonio.

Take Action

  1. Share the wage equity pledge!
  2. Help us recruit businesses that will lead the way towards a more equitable San Antonio.
    Contact mharty@ywcasa.org
  3. Sign up to receive updates and information about wage equity in San Antonio.

News and Upcoming Events

  • YWCA San Antonio is proud to support the City of San Antonio’s Equal Pay Resolution. Read our letter of support here.

Thank You!

We are grateful for a collective of women leaders whose combined efforts are helping increase awareness of the wage gap in San Antonio. Thank you all!

  • Ashley Harris
  • Dr. Adriana Rocha Garcia
  • Andrea Rodriguez
  • Anita L. Fernández
  • Anita Martin
  • Ashley Barth
  • Cristina J. Bazaldúa
  • Denise Barkhurst
  • Marina Gavito
  • Jada Andrews-Sullivan
  • Jenee Gonzales
  • Kim Biffle
  • KJ Feder
  • Lana Harris
  • Luisa Casso
  • Jaymie Mangelsdorf
  • Marcie Trevino Ripper
  • MaryEllen Veliz
  • Angela McClendon Johnson
  • Michele Brown
  • Melessa Rodriguez
  • Samantha Hernandez
  • Sandi J. Wolff
  • Shirley Gonzales
  • Stephanie Reyes
  • Teresa Myers


Who We Are

YWCA San Antonio Leadership Staff:

  • Francesca Rattray, YWCA Chief Executive Office

YWCA Wage Equity Advisory Council:

  • Andrea Rodriguez, Centro San Antonio
  • Annie Turner, Wells Fargo
  • Dr. Adriana Rocha Garcia, District 4 Councilwoman
  • Ana Sandoval, District 7 Councilwoman
  • Dr. Belinda Roman, St. Mary’s University
  • Dr. Erika Gonzalez, South Texas Allergy & Asthma Medical Professionals
  • Irasema Cavazos, Domesticas Unidas
  • Jada Andrews-Sullivan, District 2 Councilwoman
  • Jordana Barton, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
  • La Juana (“LJ”) Chambers Lawson, Tacit Growth Strategies
  • Malinda Gaul, Attorney at Law
  • Melissa Cabello-Havrda, District 6 Councilwoman
  • Patricia Mejia, San Antonio Area Foundation
  • Rebecca Viagran, District 3 Councilwoman
  • Rosie Castro, Community Leader
  • Shirley Gonzales, District 5 Councilwoman
  • Shannon Faulk, American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE)

YWCA San Antonio’s Wage Equity Awareness Campaign is made possible in partnership with