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YWCA WLLC Architectural RFQ Addendum #1 3The YWCA San Antonio
Women’s Live, Learn and Work Center

YWCA San Antonio is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. Part of the international network of YWCAs, with 204 associations in the U.S. alone, YWCA has been at the forefront of the most critical social movements for more than 160 years — from women’s empowerment and civil rights to affordable housing and pay equity, to violence prevention and health care. Since 1910, YWCA San Antonio has provided support for women and girls to become economically self-sufficient while working on the front lines to promote racial justice. Today the organization serves more than 10,000 women and their families with services for economic empowerment, health and wellness, youth and teen engagement, and racial justice.

YWCA San Antonio requests a summary of qualifications from professional individual consultants or consulting firms with expertise to assist the organization in the architectural redevelopment of permanent housing for women. YWCA San Antonio’s proposed concept, the Women’s Live and Learn Center (WLLC), is located in San Antonio, Texas on the city’s West Side within proximity of its main service site, the Olga Madrid Child Care Center.

Project Description/ Summary

The YWCA seeks to redevelop a former convent located at 2318 Castroville Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78237. This center will afford 24 young single mothers and their children, every two to four-year terms, with holistic housing and case management services. This Women’s Live and Learn Center envisions serving single mothers, between the ages of 18 and 30. It will include 24 family units for women and their children, multi-purpose spaces, a communal living area, and a kitchen area.

Federal funding and other public sources of funds may be utilized throughout the design, construction, and development phases of this project. The respondent should be familiar with Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968. Additional information regarding the applicability and regulatory requirements is provided within this RFQ.

This property will be developed in three phases:
– Phase I includes the rehabilitation of the primary building (Building #1 shown below) that will house the administrative offices and the Women’s Live and Learn Center, with individual family bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms, communal living spaces, kitchen, laundry room, and daycare areas

– Phase II includes the rehabilitation of secondary onsite buildings (Buildings #s 2 and #3 shown below) to extend support programs and services to include childcare, healthcare, counseling, nutrition, financial literacy, and job training.

– Phase III includes the master plan for the future development of 7 acres.



FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE ——> WLLC RFQ For Distribution 4 1 2022 Compressed



Addendum #1 to RFQ

YWCA Women’s Live and Learn Center Request for Qualifications (RFQ) Addendum #1 Architectural Design


April 24, 2022

NOTE:  The RFQ response deadline has been changed to Friday, May 6, 2022, at noon

Question 1: Will you be able to share the PowerPoint with us?

Response: Yes, the PowerPoint will be shared with everyone who attended the RFQ pre-submittal meeting.

Question 2: What are the time frames for all three phases of the overall project?

Response: The YWCA is currently in the pre-development phase which is expected to be ongoing as we identify sources of funding for this project including a capital campaign. Phases I & II will go through March 2023 and possibly into Summer 2023 with the goal of the main building to be completed by March 2023 to be able to start receiving residents. This includes design and rehabilitation of the existing buildings on the property. Phase III, the last phase, is the Master Plan and implementation for the vacant acreage on the property. This current solicitation does not cover Phase III. We anticipate this phase will start this summer by procuring a firm for the Master Plan and will continue for the next 2 years.

Question 3: Will a list of attendees or interested parties to this RFQ be made available?

Response: Yes, we can send to all attendees.

Question 4: Have you assigned any budgetary requirements for this project?

Response: No, the YWCA is still identifying funding sources for this project including a capital campaign. The YWCA is also applying for local and federal funds.

Question 5: Are there any formatting requirements for the submission of this RFQ?

Response: Respondents should use a 12-point font and submit documents electronically, but there are no other formatting or page number requirements. 

Question 6: Can you elaborate on an RFP to be issued? Is there going to be another RFP issued after this RFQ?

Response: Please disregard reference to another RFP. The intent of this RFQ is to select the individual(s) or firm for Architectural Services. There will not be another RFP process to select a firm. Please see revised RFQ timeline on page 3.

Question 7: Is this facility going to be replacing the existing facility or will the two be operating simultaneously?

Response: The YWCA has acquired the St. Andrews Convent and is already occupying the property. We are looking for rehabilitation of the existing property. The buildings are in good condition. Renovations are needed to accommodate the future residents and provide services.

Question 8: Do you currently house young women in another facility? Will you be moving residents from another facility to this new facility?

Response: To clarify, the YWCA Olga Madrid Community Center is located at 503 Castroville Road in the Las Palmas area, and we provide childcare and youth services at that facility. The YWCA will continue to operate those services at the Olga Madrid Center, and they will not be transferred to the new facility. The property located at 2318 Castroville Road, San Antonio, TX 78237 (formerly St. Andrews convent) will be the YWCA’s first residential property.

Question 9: Is funding secured for the first two phases of the project or is that still part of the capital campaign?

Response: No, we have funding in the pipeline that has been requested and the capital campaign will supplement funding for this project. The YWCA is still securing funding and developing the budget.

Question 10: Is there any funding that is at risk and is that driving the funding for the project?

Response: No, there is not any funding at risk.

Question 11: The model for this solicitation is CM at Risk. Is there is builder solicitation that is anticipated and what is the timeline for that? Is it 90 days or 120 days?

Response: We do not have a builder solicitation that is ready at this time. The selected firm will be developing the scope of work and builder solicitation for the rehabilitation of the property. 

Question 12: You have shared a preliminary master plan drawing of the site. Was that done by staff or with an architect with whom you have already worked? Are you already collaborating with an architect on this project?

Response: No that was not done by an architect, and we are not currently collaborating with an architect on this project. 

Question 13: It looks like multifamily is a large component of this project. Are you hoping submitters have a big multifamily portfolio?

Response: No, we are not specifically looking for a firm with a big multifamily portfolio. Just to clarify, the property was previously zoned as multifamily, and it is currently zoned as C-2 conditional with a Human Services campus. The selected firm is not required to have a background in multifamily.

Question 14: Can you also make available the anticipated project schedule? 

Response: Yes, we can provide an anticipated project schedule.

Question 15: Will this project include Federal low-income housing tax credits?

Response: The YWCA is exploring all funding options for this project including New Market Tax Credits. We will also be applying for Tax Increment Financing and Housing Bond funds from the City of San Antonio as well as other federal funds from the City and County such as HOME Investment Partnerships Program American Rescue Plan and Community Development Block Grant funds.

Question 16: Do you have a CPA yet that is an expert in those funding strategies or are you looking for a partner out of this process to bring expertise to the project?

Response: We have volunteers and other partners on our Building Committee who have expertise in development and financing, so we are not soliciting for this. 

YWCA Corrections to RFQ Document

Page 4 –Schedule

Replace schedule in the RFQ document with the following revised schedule:

The following schedule of events is subject to change at the discretion of the YWCA. All requestors of this RFQ will be notified of any and all changes.

RFQ Pre-Submittal Meeting April 19, 2022, Noon
RFQ Responses Due to YWCA May 6, 2022, Noon
Board of Directors Review May 2022
Evaluation and Interviews May through Mid-June 2022
Selection for Award of Contract June 17, 2022

Page 4 – Submission

Replace deadline of April 30, 2022, at Noon to May 6, 2022, at Noon.

Page 4 – Communications & Questions

Replace the pre-submittal meeting date from April 15, 2022, to April 19, 2022.


YWCA Women’s Live and Learn Center Request for Qualifications (RFQ) Addendum #1 Architectural Design PDF Format — >  YWCA WLLC Architectural RFQ Addendum #1 3